Pick Up Drop Off (PUDO) Network

Global communications

Express drop off points close to your customers : Fast, flexible and reliable

With a network of drop-off locations around the world, PUDO is a Avron offer specially tailored for your individuals customers or field agents, such as technicians and travelling salespeople.

Be next to your customers : less than 15 minutes to reach a PUDO


  • Pick-up Monday to Friday
  • Delivery in less than 24:00
  • Long opening hours: some sites are open from 6.30 am; others are even open on Sundays!
  • Information and proof signed by your consignee
  • Secure receipt of your “Return” parcels in all PUDO

Business PUDO network

  • Dedicated to your technicians and travelling salespeople
  • Next day delivery
  • Priority service to recover package
  • Storing capacity for packages waiting
  • Open all year from Monday to Saturday

Specific associated options

  • Delivery notification to you consignee by SMS or mail
  • For uncollected parcel after three days, a new alert sent by mail or SMS to the consignee
  • Web service : parcel tracking, PUDO Mapping and route

What Avron PUDO will offer to you

  • Increase the productivity of your field agents
  • Loyalty from your online customers
  • Reduced response times for your after-sales service operations
  • Security for your parcels
  • Streamlining of your inventories

With Avron PUDO you will bring to your consignee

  • Rapidity: parcels available early in the morning
  • Proximity: Next door to your office, home or you intervention site
  • Flexibility: Large time slot to collect or return a parcel
  • Serenity: your consignee get feedback as soon the PUDO receives the parcel
  • Safety: Identity control and handover when parcel is collected