Exportation/Importation Services


Avron Logistics has combined its network and strengths in international business, IT, marketing, and product sourcing to structure a trading and investment service that can respond quickly to client requirements and provide high quality products at extremely competitive prices from diverse sources worldwide. We’ve served qualified clients worldwide in the most exciting emerging markets of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Global Advances currently markets and invests in timber and wood products, raw materials and commodities, precious metals, finished goods and apparel, electronic appliances and equipment, property/real estate, and natural organic products.Our export services team navigates the latest regulations, minimizes paperwork, expedites transit, and lowers shipping costs with truly personalized service. Our representatives attend the latest seminars and keep abreast of industry changes. You can be confident that our convenient and reliable export services will help you complete your export shipping with ease. The same goes for our import services, we provide many options suitable to your importing needs.