Business Process Outsourcing/ Backoffice

Avron Logistics offers Back Office Services to a wide range of clients with in depth knowledge of all processes from order placement, active or live order follow up to order fulfillment and reverse logistics . Our staff are exposed to the actual logistics operations  rather than just data entry operations which is the case for many  BPO offices in many countries.


We have highly experienced and qualified teams available for you and your logistics department or engineers in all aspects of logistics and supply chain management when and where you need them. Which means they are not merely computer data entry operators so it makes big difference as mistakes are non-existent and the processes are completed within the KPIs set by our customers or their end-users.


Based on our scale we have a price and cost advantage and we offer competitive rates when compared to the competition, which means substantial savings for the customer. In order to keep our knowledge in house we offer our staff above market range packages , this results in very low or non- existent staff attrition in our company. Motivation levels across the board are very high that leads in a stable team with very high performance levels.


The back office help desk  operates 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days per year and can be reached by phone/email and other media.